Tuesday, August 30, 2016


So, I don't know what happened, but I got fat.  Really fat.  Like beyond post-having a kid fat (almost).  About a week and a half ago, I staretd to go low-carb.  And I've really been sticking to it....minus a slip up or two.

I messed up really bad last night.  In a midnight stupor, I ate a whole container of macaroni salad.  Which I didn't buy...my other half bought it for me because I love it, not even thinking about my diet.  I can't fault him.  He was trying to make me happy...just not on the level I am.  

So, big point of this post.  I was thinking I'd just measure my accomplishments based on how my clothes fit/which size I'm in.  I have avoided the scale for like a year now.

Fast forward.  I weighed myself tonight.  Are you ready?


Now it's a number.

I've always felt good at 165, as a mature adult.  I look good at 165.

So now I have accountability.  I'm continuing the low carb-diet, despite my slip-up.  My goal is to lose 20 pounds by Christmas.  Who knows what my weight was when I started a week and a half ago.  Who cares.  This is what I am now.

I vow to be better.  To feel better.  To look better.  To feel comfortable in clothing.

I'm ready...it's on!  I'll report back on this topic in a week, good or bad.  But I really feel it's going to be good! :)