Friday, January 16, 2015

Bring it on, then clean it up

That man I was in like with in the last post?  Yeah, we're in love, and it's kind of a big deal.  So much so that - even though I swore up and down I'd never live with a dude again - he has moved in with us.  Seriously!  We were already basically co-habitating for months anyway:  On kid week he'd be at my place...on non-kid week I'd be at his.  So, we took the big plunge, cleaned out his apartment and brought all the junk over to mine.

All. The. Junk.

He's been in officially for 2.5 weeks now (though believe you me, there was other junk here weeks before that) and I will tell you that our apartment looks like a MicroCenter projectile vomited in every direction possible.  

85 yards of cord?  We've got that.

Surround Sound components in a haphazard pile?  Yessiree!

Cables out the wazoo?  Indeed.

More modems than your mom can count?  Check.

Now that the queen size mattress set is out of the dining room hallway, I'm confident that we'll be able to move the computer from the dining table to an actual desk.  But I have really gotten used to the keyboard as part of my place setting...

Army bag full of shoes, my living room will miss you when you've finally found a suitable home.  

Same goes for the Kroger bag filled with ties.

Guitars?  There are guitars, both acoustic and bass.  I know there's a nook or cranny for you guys someplace.  

The cabinets are packed with plates and bowls in abundance.  I quite think it's possible for us to not do dishes for a month and still have enough dinnerware to suit our needs.

We now have whisks in three different sizes.  For all the whisking!

It's going to be a grand day, indeed, when the TV is hooked up and on the TV stand!

Until then, we'll happily watch Netflix from the comfort of wooden dining room chairs. :)

Love you, honey!

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Robin said...

I'm so happy you are happy!! Loved reading this post....all the best.