Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The tee vee

I like to be entertained.  I've been doing a lot of television viewing, mostly with my old man.  Here, I will list the shows and movies we've been obsessing over recently.  For YOUR entertainment.

Modern Family (Hulu) - love those wacky folks.

The Flash (Hulu) - initially was not interested, but Mike and the kids were.  Now I'm hooked.  Love the actor who plays Barry Allen.

Booth at the End (Hulu) - I had viewed the first few episodes of this series some time ago, and thought Mike would enjoy, so we're doin' it again.  Am completely enamored with the actor who plays the main character, Xander Berkeley.  He's cute as crap.  Awesome series, however very few episodes, so I'm worried about the severity of DTs I'll experience when we run out.

Orange is the New Black (Netflix) - I'm re-watching this for Mike's benefit.  Not painful at all.  Love that show.  New season coming out in June!  Woooo!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu) - I passively watch this, as it's on Mike's must watch list.  Usually, I do jigsaw puzzles on the tablet while this one is on.  Some funny story lines and quirky dialogue.  Kinda hokey, but in a good way.

The Arrow (Hulu) - I really don't watch this, not because I don't like it...it's just that it's way more complicated that The Flash, and I'm missing a lot of the back story.  But I'm present when it's on, so it rubs off on me.  Major tablet puzzling going on while The Arrow is on.

Mad Men (Netflix) - I haven't introduced this to Mike yet, but it's been a long-standing favorite of mine.  I recently binge watched the first part of Season 7.  Can't wait for Netflix to catch up with the rest.

We've been watching some movies here lately, too.  Namely....

American Treasure - the whole family watched this one.  Lots of cool history, despite the presence of Nicholas Cage (probably my least favorite actor).

Bridget Jones's Diary - because my man likes rom-coms and hadn't seen it yet.  It was fun for me to re-watch.

Romancing the Stone - sometimes it's fun to relive some 1980s adventure.

Silver Linings Playbook - Oh my gosh, the best movie I've seen in a long time!  Loved it and absolutely recommend it to anyone who has a soul.

America's Sweethearts - I had never seen it, but was completely open due to the John Cusack factor. Was a very cute and funny film.

Goodfellas - My absolute all time favorite and I had to share it with Mike.  He loved it!  Yay!

More to come!!  Toodles!

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