Monday, January 21, 2013

Spend 7 minutes with Claire

Mom, what's this black button for?
What's that orange thing?
Did they pass my part?
He just said the H Word?
Do you even know the H Word, Luke?
Mom, does Luke know the H Word?
Mom, can you do that over?
Mom, which one do you vote for, this one? 
The pink hair or the orange hair?
OK, but I'm voting for the pink.
What's this?  Mom, what's this?
What is this?  Mom, do you know this song?  What is it?
You have to tell me, please!
History sticks to your feet?
Mommy, I wanna hear the song you like by Pink!  Can we hear that?
Blow me one last kiss?  Can we hear it?
This is not Blow me one last kiss.  OK. 
When will we hear Blow me one last kiss?
OK.  Why does that say OK?
Do I know this?  Oh, I love this song? 
I wanna hear it in video!
He said the H Word again!  He said the H Word AGAIN!  Two times.
He said the bathroom word!  He said crotch!  Oh, crutch? 
Well, it sounds like crotch.
Is it called Missed the Boat or Missed the Plane?
How come this light is flashing?  This yellow light right here.
How much words do you have to wriiiiiiiiite?  How much words?

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Anonymous said...

You've said nothing since 2013? Come on Melanie I know better :) This is James C BTW.