Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wakeful Listmaking

So, It's 5am and I have a sick kid.  He's a vomity mess, unable to keep anything - water included - down and in so much pain because he can't poop.  He feels awful physically, but also it tears him up that he feels like he's being a burden with the puke spew I keep having to clean up and the fact that he's keeping me up.  But I don't mind.  Yep, I'm tired and a little crabby, but the little dude is sick!  It's my job!

Anyway, he's finally asleep on the couch and I'm unable to sleep.  So, I am thinking.  And blog-stalking.  It's funny.  I found this girl...I think she's the former girlfriend of a guy that I really didn't have a thing with.  I mean, maybe I had a thing with him, but not in person.  It was like three years ago, and we never even met.  Which sounds so absurd.  But, back to the girl.  Tonight, I rediscovered her blog, and I like her.  She's all into organization and projects...which I wish was my case.  She seems cool and nice and I'm sure I'd like her if we knew one another.

So, I was reading her blog and became inspired to list some stuff I need to do.  Maybe I won't do it all, but some of it I will.  And it helps to get it out there.

Also, I used to be more organized and clean-like.  Before I had a job and a social life.  It's sort of amazing to think about now:  I had these three very young kids, yet I kept a pretty rocking house.  I vacuumed almost daily and everything (mostly) had a spot.  At the time, though, I thought the dream house was a mess.  And I know my then-spouse felt the same way.  Little did I know, a few years later, I'd be such a slob!

Back to the list.  Organize.  Get things done.

- Call the apartment people and get my garbage disposal fixed.
- Drag sick kid and well kids out in the snow to the store to get dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent.
- Fold/hang the four loads of clean clothes/towels littering my bedroom.
- Receive child support checks and rectify negative balance in checking account.
- Eventually, but soon, purchase additional blanket for my bed.
- Find places for new Christmas toys.
- De-Christmas the apartment and put that shit away.
- Do more laundry.  Also, put it away.
- Moisturize my sad old-lady hands.  On a regular basis.
- Scrub floors/vacuum floors.
- Call the apartment people and get my bathtub re-caulked.
- Dust.
- Stop eating so much shit and lose the weight.
- Score a free or low-cost bookshelf.  The one we have is sad and small and not at all able to hold the amount of kid books we have.
- Clean out vehicle.  You'd die if you saw it.

I'd actually like to get started on something this very moment, but I have sleeping children that I want to keep sleeping.  And I have plenty of time to conquer many of these tasks (minus the ones that involve money, since I currently don't have any, and only got paid 1/2 of my check this period and will not see the remainder until next paycheck, and have yet to see any child support $$$ - thank you Commonwealth of Kentucky, for being assholes - and ugh!  now I'm all frustrated!)....yes, so I have time to do lots of this stuff because I have tomorrow off work, as well as next Wednesday and Thursday (thank you, Winter Break, for eating up 20 hours of the new year's PTO).

Also to add to the list:  celebrate New Year's Eve with a great, cool person. Figure a way to pay for such celebrating.

Anyway, I have the kids until Monday evening, then back again Wednesday and Thursday.   Then they're back to the ex for the week beginning Friday morning.  Or Thursday night...whichever he decides.  He does a lot of the deciding, somehow.  Then I work Friday and Saturday.  Then free (as in alone, kidless) until I return to work the following Wednesday.  So, even more time to get my surroundings/life in order.

Looking at the clock and realizing I don't have much longer until the well kids wake up.  Probably around 7am.  And they'll likely want big breakfast.  I have eggs, sausage, bacon, and apples.  They had french toast yesterday.  I did that pretty well.  My point being, though:   I should try to get an hour of sleep in.  Or maybe forgo that and fold some towels, and hope for a napping opportunity (read: put in a movie and snooze in and out on the couch while the kids watch) later this morning.

Either way, it feels like the right place to wrap this up.  Salud.

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